Freebie Friday: 653 Free Email Templates


Continuing with the email marketing theme this week, today’s Freebie Friday features free email templates.

A good layout can get more attention and speed your message past the spam filters, but creating your own can be a pain (especially if you’re not an HTML whiz).

Don’t forget to send a plain text version too (since some images get stuck in spam filters).

600 free email templates:  customizable, and adaptable to your customers’ preferred form factor (e.g., tablets, rather than cell phones). Gotta love the “Hari Seldon” welcome.

7 LItmus -tested email templates: these have been checked to make sure they work properly on major email clients, both desktop and mobile platforms, are visible to people who are color-blind, and work in plain text.

Free responsive email templates: 28 templates designed to work well on mobile, some of these are single design, others have multiple options. If you’re technically inclined, you can change them; if not, use them as is.

MailChimp Templates:  You can use these 16 free templates out of the box, or adapt them. You will need a MailChimp account, but that’s free so it still counts.