Friday Fun: Choose Your Words Carefully

Image by LaurenHolloway via Flickr

This post was inspired by a friend who posted some serious spelling and communication disasters.  The post is private, but it reminded me of the importance of being careful about what you say, how you say it, and how you spell it. Let’s hope the new graduate is a better speller than whoever decorated that cake (or at least knows how to use spell-check).

Got any examples of your own? Share them here!

How to Prevent Typos

Engrish 2

Image by -Marlith- via Flickr

We all hate them.  Sometimes, it seems we just can’t get rid of them.  We proofread and proofread, but there they are, like dandelions popping up in your lawn.

I heard a story once about a publisher who swore they would print a book with no errors.  There was a mistake in Chapter 6.

However, there are some ways you can minimize the damage.

First, spell check.  This is far from perfect, since Word can’t detect usage errors (such as right instead of write).  But, it’s a good first step.

Second, step away from your computer.  Let whatever you wrote sit for a bit before you hit “publish.”

Third, ask someone else to look it over (if you have time).  Fresh eyes will see things your tired eyes missed.

Fourth, read it out loud.  Saying each word focuses your brain.

Fifth, read it backwards.

All that said, I just read a book printed by a major publisher.  There was a big typo in one of the chapter headings.  It said, “DIMJLY LIT ROOM.”

The good news is that online, typos are much easier to fix!  And, sometimes, typos can be good.