Tuesday Travels: Online Advertising Survival Kit

A Ready-to-Go 3 day emergency rations kit prod...

Emergency rations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Find out if those Facebook promoted posts really work, how to be an Adwords master, and some new rules for Adwords.

10 Lessons on Effective Facebook Marketing – How to prove the value of your ads, measure performance, and set effective goals (Avinash Kaushik, who is referred to in the article, writes the Occam’s Razor blog and is a web analytics expert).

Do Promoted Posts on Facebook Work? – A case study to try to find out.

Adwords Cracks Down on Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Ads – That means those ads that change depending on what people search for. This can (I have found) sometimes lead to very odd results, such as offering me the chance to buy a person I was looking for.

Google Adwords How To – A roundup of videos (collected by Denis Labelle), showing you how to run an Adwords campaign.

How Facebook LIkes Really Work – Turns out, it’s not just “likes”!