Tuesday Travels: How to Tell a Story

kabongo kids reading

kabongo kids reading (Photo credit: GoodNCrazy)

Story time on the blog today.  Stories aren’t just for films and books, they’re for businesses too.

Sharing the problems you had, the obstacles you overcame, and how you did it can be a powerful selling tool.  It’s even better when your customers tell great stories about how you helped them.

Here are some tips on how to tell a story.

Pixar story telling rules – the brilliant people at Pixar share how they make so many hits.

The hero’s journey – the entire process (from ordinary life, through challenges, and finally success).

Why a business needs story time – why businesses need to emulate Pixar and tell great tales.

What stories do people tell about you? – the stories that others tell about you can be even more important than the stories you tell yourself and more believable).