How to Get the Write Words

tom bentleyContinuing this week’s spotlight theme, today I’m turning the bright lights on Tom Bentley, of The Write Word.

He’s one of my most frequent commenters, and nearly always makes me smile. If you need writing, editing, or copyediting, he’s a real whiz at all of them. I’m usually good at proofing my own work (the hardest thing to proof), but he regularly catches mistakes that I miss.

He also puts words together in ways that nobody ever has before. The excerpts of his rejection letter for Tolstoy’s War and Peace (written for the Nov/Dec issue of Writer’s Digest) left me really laughing out loud. He’s available for article writing, editing, and children’s parties (OK, I fibbed about that last bit).

One thought on “How to Get the Write Words

  1. Hey, you are too kind, Jodi! (Or just plain cuckoo. Or maybe kind of cuckoo.) Anyway, I’ve been traveling and in more of a daze than usual, so I didn’t see this until now. Thank you!

    (And I am available for children’s parties, but I will drink up all their bourbon, so think twice…)

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