What Every Writer Needs to Know About Editing Copy

tom bentley style guideI hate typos. And editing flubs. And garbled sentences that look like they spent too much time in the spin cycle. If you hate them too, get your hands on Tom Bentley’s spiffy new style and editing guide. It includes:

  • how to write error-free copy
  • common grammar mistakes that make you look silly
  • the five essential stages of editing (with checklists!)
  • an old editing trick you may not know

Buy your copy  here.

2 thoughts on “What Every Writer Needs to Know About Editing Copy

  1. Uh, wow (and other exclamations of astonished delight)! Folks, Jodi received absolutely NO chocolate (nor filthy lucre) for this unsolicited plug. No, really. My mother thanks you, my father thanks you, my custom set of punctuation marks (with interrobang intact) thanks you …

    • Chocolate? I could have gotten chocolate? Drat!

      You’re welcome (even without the chocolate).

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