Web Design Decisions: Personal Taste or Market Importance?

Commemorative coffee mug from the festival, sh...

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Ever wonder how people can stand cheap design? Do you get mad when you see crappy logos, blinking/flashing ads, or weird web design decisions?

Someone on a forum got annoyed recently (I’m changing details) about crappy mugs (he sells nice ones).

How can people use those? I see them in offices or on TV and I want to scream!

He’s confusing personal with important.

Fine quality is important to him. It may not be important to other people. Why use cheap mugs (or cheap designers or cheap writers)?

1) They don’t know any better
2) They know and don’t care
3) Focused mostly on budget
4) Prefer to spend money elsewhere – such as fine tea or coffee to go in those mugs

Creatives vs. marketing (or non-creatives)

You (or I) may think sites such as 99Designs and odesk are a travesty. That doesn’t mean everyone does. And that market may not be best for you anyway. Ignore them. Go find clients who do care. Then convince them you’re a better alternative. Tell them why it’s better for them. Focus on the benefits they will get from a trained designer, not the benefit you get because they hired you.

I personally don’t care about the Liverpool Garden Festival, but somebody else cared enough to make this mug and successfully sell it.

“Personal’s not the same thing as important. People just think it is.” – Esme Weatherwax (bonus points if you get the reference).