5 More Cool Tools for Creatives

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Image by laffy4k via Flickr

This edition of cool tools features image finding tools, a site that helps you get ideas, a web launch checklist, and an e-commerce tool.

1. Compfight

First up is compfight.  It searches Flickr, but lets you choose the license you want (commercial use or non-commercial).  The images display across the whole page (so you see more of them).  The dimensions pop up as you move your mouse over the photos (so you can tell right away if the picture is the right size for your needs).

2.  Veer

Next is veer. They’ve got illustrations, stock images, and typefaces.  Sure, there are lots of stock houses, but these photos tend to be more quirky and interesting than standard stock.  Images as low as $1. And you gotta love a site that has a typeface called “Strangelove.”

3.  Ideas

Need an idea?  Feeling kinda stumped. Try the inspiration generator. Type a word into the box and get photos, quotes, videos, bookmarks, songs, and tweets that match the word.

4.  Web launch checklist

Want to make sure you don’t mess any techy steps when you launch a web site? Or, want something you can pass on, without reinventing the wheel? Check out this web launch checklist. Fill in the blanks on the form and see if you’re good to go (or if you need to go back and recheck something).

5. E-junkie Shopping Cart

If you’re selling ebooks or videos or other services on your web site or blog, you’ll need a shopping cart. This is software that processes the orders, confirms payment, and sends a unique link to download the product. E-junkie works on both websites and blogs.

They also have an affiliate program, so you can have other people sell your stuff. I’ve set up one to sell my Instant Website Review ebook. Here’s the page on my site with instructions on how to become an affiliate, along with banners you can put on your site.

Have a great weekend! Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S. Fireworks for everybody! 🙂

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  1. I’ll be sure to head over to eJunkie. I am going to be selling a product soon, so I definitely need a shopping cart. I’ve heard nothing but good things about eJunkie, so it looks like I’ve got a winner! Thanks! 😀

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