Free Ebook: Earn More Money with Niche Marketing

earn more with niche marketing

Would you like to earn more, even if you have fewer clients?

Get the details from my new ebook: Earn More Money with Niche Marketing.

The book will show you how to:

  • earn more money with fewer clients
  • select a “target” market and build a tribe
  • estimate the size of your market
  • determine if your market will support you (before you start)

It’s absolutely free. No sign-up or registration required. Feel free to read it, share it, and pass it along. Get your copy here.

4 thoughts on “Free Ebook: Earn More Money with Niche Marketing

  1. Jodi, thanks a lot for providing this, and for your consistently helpful posts on marketing and other aspects of this weird world we inhabit. I’m sure that if it hasn’t happened yet, we will soon see a legion of J. Kaplan fans wearing their trademark wigs and airplane-wing sunglasses. Perhaps there will be a convocation, sort of like what the Trekkies do…

    • Aw, thanks Tom. Following your Trekkie theme, my hope is that my readers all live long and prosper. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the release of the ebook! I can’t wait to download it and crack it open for a good read! Nick marketing is a subject I find valuable, thus encouraging me further to download the book! Thanks a ton!

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