Get Rid of Bad Powerpoint Once and For All

Image thanks to alice

This slide is rightly called “Death by Powerpoint.”

You’ve probably seen something a lot like it.  Lots of text.  Way too many bullets.  Complicated graphs.  And type so small you need an electron microscope to see it.

Nobody learns anything from those slides (except maybe to bring some aspirin to their next meeting).

However, if you’re struggling with your slides,  there is something  you can do.

Take them to the slide doctor

Chris Landry specializes in slide makeovers.  Send him one or two slides.  He’ll examine the patient, diagnose the problem, and cure it.  He’ll even  post before and after shots, and explain how he does it.

His slides are so good, they were in the book Presentation Zen and won a prize from SlideShare.

Don’t let bad powerpoint happen to you

Email him at slidedoctor [at]

3 thoughts on “Get Rid of Bad Powerpoint Once and For All

  1. Jodi, thanks for pointing this out.

    Chris is awesome! Chris helped me with some slides a year ago, and the transformation was both incredible and easy to learn. I personally credit him for helping me get Perfect 5’s for the presentation I gave at the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association Marketplace last summer (of course, my talk may have helped, too:-)

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