Blog Post Emails: Now with Titles

Darren Rowse kvetched, everybody wins. About a month ago, Darren (of ProBlogger, which I highly recommend you read to learn how to be a better blogger), suggested that it would be great if the posts that blog subscribers get via email included the title of the post, instead of just the name of the blog.

Well, apparently, Google/Feedburner listened. So, instead of just seeing “Fix Your Broken Marketing” the email subject line should include the title too; in this case “Emails: Now with Titles: Fix Your Broken Marketing”. This will give you a better idea of what’s in the email, and help you search through your saved emails to find a particular topic.

I also discovered that I can adjust the time of day that posts are delivered. From now on, they should be sent earlier in the morning (instead of late at night, which was the default).

Let me know if this works!