7 Step E-Commerce Web Site Checklist


Photo: myuibe

These seven e-commerce marketing tips will help you increase your web site sales (and they won’t break your budget either).

1) Build informational content (as well as sales content) into your site.

Teach people how to use your product, care for their purchase, or give tips (software shortcuts, decorating ideas, foods best for your pet by age, etc.).

2) Make the site easy to navigate and buy from.

Don’t hide the products. Show two or three on the front page, with clear links to find more. If the site is hard to use, or visitors can’t find what they want, they will leave without buying anything.

3) Customize sections of your site to fit different segments of your audience.

A pet food site could break down sections by dogs, cats, parakeets, and then by specific products for larger dogs, overweight dogs, special types of diet, etc.

4) Use big, noticeable buttons.

Make it obvious that you want people to do something and how to do it. Use language such as “buy now” or “sign up here.” Ask for the order! It’s also important to make sure your buttons look like buttons; in other words something that should be clicked.

5) Add customer reviews or testimonials.

They give clear evidence that others have bought (and benefited from) your products. This also increases involvement. Your visitors will feel more connected to your products. If you can, start a forum and let your customers talk directly to each other and share experiences.

6) Check your site design in different browsers.

Images or design elements (bars, boxes, page breaks) may display differently depending on the combination of browser and operating system that your visitors are using. Test your site for free at browsershots.org

7) Build a landing page or a specific product page based on their keyword searches.

Don’t use your home page for this. Instead develop different campaigns to attract different segments of your customers. If you sell home decorating supplies, you might create a campaign and build a landing page  for window treatments, another for paint, and a third for carpets and flooring.

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