Ten Free Ways to Market Your Business

1. Comment on blogs and forums (be helpful, not promotional).

2. Send press releases. Make sure it’s really newsworthy, not a puff piece about your company.

3. Build a Google pages Web site.

4. Interview someone and upload the mp3 file to your Web site with Audacity.

5. Blog on Medium.  Share your expertise, and strut your stuff, but don’t spam people with “me! me! me!.”

6. Write articles and send them to trade publications in your field.

7. Start a blog at WordPress or blogger.com.

8. Add referral and sharing tools to your Web site, such as Add This or Share This.

9. Answer questions at Inbound.org, or  Marketing Professionals Know-How Exchange.

10. Sign up for HARO (help a reporter out). It’s a free service with queries from reporters who need sources for stories.

2 thoughts on “Ten Free Ways to Market Your Business

  1. Hi Jodi, I am guessing you wanted to keep it at 10, but don’t forget about twitter.

    Also, a free way (and you can get a free lunch) is to give speeches at your local chamber of commerce and other offline networking forums.

  2. Greg, good tip about making speeches. I did think of Twitter, but I wanted to keep it at 10. I guess I’ll have to write another post!

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