A Marketing Secret From a Flight of Stairs

Going up the stairs is hard work. Everyone knows it’s better for you to get the exercise, but most people take the escalator. The stairs are hard. The escalator is easy.

But what if you “change the story”? What if you changed going up the stairs from hard work to something people want to do?

Find the fun

Tell a story

Businesses need stories and secret identities too. Not a story about how experienced you are, or your fancy equipment, or even your fancy client list. Instead, you need stories about the satisfaction, the happiness, or the peace of mind that your customers get by working with you.

It’s about helping them achieve their dreams or desires (regardless of whether that dream is a drop-dead gorgeous web site or a house on a lake). Tell them the story of how they can get that dream.

What are your favorite ways to make your clients happy? Share your stories here.

(thanks to Becky Blanton for finding this video and pointing it out)