What’s Your Manifesto?

I was just reading a guest post on Problogger called “How to Use a Manifesto to Spread Your Blog’s Message.”  She said she wrote hers and made it a poster.  When I read that, I reflexively turned to look at my wall.  There’s a poster hanging on it.  I didn’t write the words, but it is a small business brand manifesto, and one I believe in.

Here it is:

We tend to think of branding and company manifestos as something more suited to large companies than small businesses.  But while you may not need a huge team of brand specialists to keep your colors, message, and logos in line you do need to know what your company stands for (and what it doesn’t).

Why have a small business company manifesto

It’s not just a way to spread the word, it’s a way to clarify your own thinking.  What do you stand for?  Stand against?  What will you do to get new business? What crosses the line?  Who is your “tribe”?

What are your company values?  Are you known for guaranteed super-speedy service? Or the company that gives back to the community?  Or are you known for personalized attention? Maybe you stand for super-luxury and exclusivity.  Or, maybe you’re egalitarian (the boss can’t make more than X percent of what employees earn).

Here’s the longer version (with cake!) – wrote that one myself.

That’s my thinking.  What’s yours?