What Email Response Rate Will You Get?

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If I ever write a book on email marketing (oh, wait I did, ahem, another book) it might be called “It depends.”

What’s a good email response rate?

It depends.

How many people will click?

It depends.

How many people will open it?

It depends.

Same for pop-up conversion, signups to newsletters, direct mail, AdWords….

It depends.

There are many variables that can affect the response you get from a mailing.

The three biggest are:

1) the quality of the  list you use (the audience)
2) the offer – is it any good?
3) the creative (copy and graphics) in the email and on the landing page – this includes the words, the typeface, any photos or illustrations, the colors of the buttons, the button text, and the call to action

Lesser factors:

1) the time of day
2) the day of the week

Spend most of your time on the first three.  Then worry about the last two.

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