The Most Powerful Word in Marketing

you made me love you..

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There’s a powerful word that will have clients and readers running to do your bidding (and buy your stuff). It’s a really common word, used everyday. But, only a few thousand copywriters know how to use it properly.

Do you?

What’s the word? I just used it. Right there above this sentence. OK, OK, the word is “you.”

Why is it so powerful?

Because people want to know that you’re talking to them – directly. Using the word “you” reinforces that. It’s much more powerful than saying “they” or “their”. Who is “they”, anyway? And, it’s much more persuasive than “we” or “my” or “our.”

Nobody comes to your website to read about you talking about your “cutting edge” graphics. They don’t even care if your sites won a Webby award. They will want to know, if you’re a web developer, that you can create a site that even non-techies can update themselves (!)

Readers want to read about themselves. Their problems. The stuff that frustrates them. And, if you can show them how to solve those problems, even better! There’s a one-minute marketing test you can run on your own website to see how well it’s doing.

Try it.  Your readers will love you (even if they didn’t want to).

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