7 Ways to Stop Content Thieves

Handcuffed Hands Vector Illustration

When you work hard on a blog post, an article, or an ebook, it can be pretty frustrating to see people steal your words, your photos, or your designs.

While there are no perfect solutions,  here are a few ways to stop content thieves from stealing your hard work (or at least slow them down).

1) Include a copyright statement, or even just a © symbol

Here’s an example:

No part of this book may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted in any form (whether physical or electronic) without the prior express written permission of the author, except for brief quotations used in reviews.

2) Add a digital ID file

E-junkie (a digital downloading and shopping cart system), lets you add the purchaser’s name, email address, and transaction number to each downloaded file.

3) Put a security lock on the pdf

You can do this with Adobe Acrobat, or other pdf creation software such as Primo PDF or Nitro PDF.

4) Offer something that buyers can’t get from a copy

It could be a personalized consultation, or an extra bonus that requires proof of purchase.

5) Include links back to your site in  your ebook

Hey, maybe you’ll get more clicks or a few extra legitimate sales.

6) Send takedown requests

Many times people will take down the content they copied, if you ask nicely.  If not, you can write to their web host and tell them that the material is stolen.  That should get their attention.

7) No more Mr. Nice Guy

If nice doesn’t work, you can always try this approach or this one.


Sign up for  Tynt.com.  It will track what’s being copied, and generate a link back to you.  Both free and paid versions available.

Have you had a problem with content thieves? What did you do to stop them?