5 Quick Ways to Tell if Your Marketing is Broken

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This blog is called Fix Your Broken Marketing. But what exactly is broken marketing? And how do you tell if your marketing is broken?

1) Poor return on your investment. If you’re putting ads in the yellow pages, speaking at events, inserting ads in magazines, or sending direct mail pieces and not getting results your marketing is broken.

2) Spending money without being able to measure the results. Just throwing money at the wall (or those direct mailers) and hoping something sticks is broken.

3) Failing to calculate the cost of your leads versus the value of the customer. If those yellow pages ads are costing you $8,000 a month, but bringing in customers only worth $4,000 a year, your marketing is broken.

4) No call to action. If you don’t tell people to do something, they won’t.
For example, putting an ad in a trade publication without telling readers to call or click, or speaking at events without asking for contact information (don’t make it a commercial, offer something your listeners will want to get).

5) Not targeting. Trying to sell to everyone is selling to nobody. Pick a distinctive niche, such as photography for college brochures and catalogs or video services for pharmaceutical trade shows.

Photo: gary hymes