7 Sure-fire Ways to Get More Webinar Signups

Whether you’re using e-mail, marketing on your blog, or building a landing page, following these simple 7 steps will get more signups.

1) Speak directly.

Use “you” and “your”, not “us” and “our.” Banish the gobbledygook and the fancy words, just talk plainly, in a personal, chatty tone of voice.

2) Offer to make something difficult easy.

Describe how you’ll walk people through the steps, share the secrets, etc. Nobody wants to hear about your “customizable advertising mechanism”; they won’t know (or care what is is).

3) Use emotional triggers, not “rational” arguments.

These include: earn money, minimize risks, save time, win praise, to make your audience sit up and take notice of all the special, great stuff they will learn.

4) Add extra goodies.

Not just the webinar, but a special toolkit with more secrets and templates (again turning something hard into something simple) your readers can use in their own businesses.

5) Multiple links.

Put links throughout the email or the landing page. Give people several opportunities to sign up, at different points in your copy. Some may be ready to sign up after your first paragraph, others may need more information.

6) Limited time offer.

Urging people to act immediately increases the sense of urgency. You can throw in an extra bonus (more templates, an audio recording, etc.) for the first X people who register.

7) Scarcity and exclusivity.

Don’t admit everyone, restrict registration to a specific number of people. To make it even more exclusive, you can make the call “live” only – no recording. Attend, or miss out.

Photo: cambodia4kidsorg