How to Engage Your Customers With Email

Direct magazine reported today (2/24/09) that “[e]-mail and social media marketing boosts customer loyafour star toiletlty and has a positive influence on purchasing decisions.”The magazine says that according to two recently published studies, recipients of permission-based email are 56% more likely to buy something in a store and 48% feel more loyal towards retailers.

87% of the people who have opted-in to receive marketing email use it to learn about new products, and like receiving personalized offers based on previous purchases.

Approximately 77% of consumers take online reviews and ratings from other consumers into consideration when making purchases.

What does this mean for your business?

Engage your customers

It means that it’s critical that you interact with your customers. Allow them to rate and review your products online. Have someone answer questions and respond to complaints (if any) in public. Don’t hide behind a wall of FAQ’s. Make it easy for your customers to contact you if they have a question or problem, and respond quickly when they do.

Segment your list

Don’t send the same offer to your entire database. Review customer behavior and break up your list into smaller pieces. Use past purchase history, inquiries, and areas of interest. Suggest new purchases based on older ones, and adjust your message and product offers to fit each segment. Personalized, relevant messages will get better response rates, and increase loyalty to your brand.

Don’t abuse the privilege

Tell your customers upfront how often you will contact them. Don’t automatically sign them up for new offerings or communications. Ask first.

Photo: MK Media Productions