How to Review a Website


Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

When  you’re putting together your new web site, or even just a new landing page, there are several things you should review on your site before you hit “publish.”

You want your visitors to know exactly what you sell, how you help them, and what they need to do to buy your product (or services).

If they are confused, or can’t read your site – they’ll leave (this means no sales and a high bounce rate – no good).

So, here’s a quick website review checklist

1. Is your website hard to read?

What color is the background?  A dark background with light type may look slick but it’s really hard on the eyes.  Try to keep it to a minimum (if at all). Also check the font size.  Small type can be difficult (especially if your audience is older).

2. How is it formatted?

Are there big blocks of type?  Do  you have subheads (to break up the text)?  How much space (leading, back in the day)  is there between the lines? The rule of thumb is roughly 10% more than the size of the type.  So, roughly 14 pixels between lines for 12 pixel type.  Have you centered a lot of text (this also makes it harder to read).

3. Is your website confusing?

Is it immediately clear what your site is about?  Whether you’re selling something? Or just giving information?  Have you had someone else look at it?

4. Have you asked for the sale?

Assuming you are selling something, have you asked people to buy?  For example, is there a big shiny, call to action button? Did you ask more than once?

5. Are you using a landing page?

Where are you sending people?  Did you create a landing page or are you using your home page to make sales?

6. Have you cross-checked browsers?

The same page can look different depending on which browser your visitor is using.  Internet Explorer in particular is notorious for fouling up code.  Run a check with browsershots (or make sure your developer does) to make sure your site looks right in the major browsers.

Want a more in-depth checklist, and step by step instructions for reviewing your website?  Click here.