One Thing You Should Never Do When You’re Using Social Media


Image: Bashed

Say you walk into a room full of people. It’s an event, or a party of some kind.

What’s the first thing you do?

Would you loudly announce yourself? Start thumping your chest and bellowing, “I sing a song of myself!”

Probably not (well, hopefully not!).

No, instead you listen, smile, maybe try the dip.

Right? Social media etiquette isn’t all that different from face-to-face etiquette. Just because you’re not actually face-to-face doesn’t mean you should completely forget your manners.

Be polite

When you join a forum or a Facebook group, listen for a while. Introduce yourself. Comment on some ongoing discussions and conversations. Offer useful advice to people who are looking for help.

Don’t yell

People didn’t join the group just to hear your thoughts (or to get a sales pitch). Don’t spam. Don’t be “that guy.” You know, the one with the loud voice, who goes on and on about himself.

Nobody wants to hear a monologue, unless it’s Jon Stewart’s. Even comedians stop and listen for feedback (is the audience laughing and smiling or throwing rotten veggies?).

Be helpful

If someone asks a question on their post, and you can answer, help them out.  Share others’ posts, not just your own.  If someone leaves a comment or asks a question on one of your posts, post a response.

Don’t sell all the time

Nobody came to Facebook to hear your new product pitch all day, every day.  Mix it up. Post information that’s useful, valuable, or even just fun.  Show your human side.  Share your original Star Wars action figure collection.  Ask how to make a mean margarita.

Don’t go hashtag happy

Hashtags can be a great way  to find multiple posts on a topic, or a way to see what topics are trending.  Don’t overdo it.  I’ve seen posts with ten or twelve of them. One or two is plenty!