Rate Your Web Site: 10 Ways to Tell if It’s a Wow or a Flop


1. _____ Is your site mostly one color?

2. _____ Is it easy to read? (What size and color is the font? Does it show up against the background color, or blend in?)

3. _____ How long does the site take to load? Do you have to wait to see the images?

4. _____ Is the copy about you? Or about your customers?

5. _____ Does the copy talk about what problems you solve?

6. _____ Is it easy to contact you? Phone? Email? Address?

7. _____ Is it easy to navigate your site?

8. _____ Do you have an ideal customer? Or do you “sell to everybody”? Hint: Selling to everyone is selling to nobody.

9. _____ If you do have an ideal customer, who are they? Can you describe them?

10. _____ Are you remarkable? Does your site explain why?