How to Get Free Publicity

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Get Free Publicity for Your Company

Have you tried HARO yet? It’s Peter Shankman’s free PR newsletter that connects reporters looking for sources with people and businesses who are experts in their fields.

He emails three times a day with queries ranging from local freelancers to nationally recognized TV, newspapers, and magazines.

Read them carefully, and respond to the ones that are a perfect fit for your knowledge and experience. If the reporter wants a source for organic vegetable farmers and yours are grown conventionally – don’t respond.

Follow the instructions (subject line, email address to use, etc). The reporter may filter the requests to a specific email box. Responses that don’t go to the right place may get lost.

Include your contact information (phone, email, name, address, cell) so it’s easy for the reporter to reach you.

Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Use it as a way to connect with your clients (and get them some publicity too). If you see something that’s appropriate for your clients or contacts, pass it on with a note about the source and the rules. It’s a great way to build loyalty and provide an extra service your clients will appreciate.

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