What’s Your Secret Identity?

Do you have a secret identity? You may think your business is straightforward: you may appear to be a mild-mannered animator, but what you’re really selling is memories, laughter, and happiness.

What are you really selling?

Kodak used to sell film and slide carousels – but they were really in the business of selling memories and nostalgia.

The average auto body shop looks like they’re in the car repair business, but they’re not really selling mufflers and tires, they’re selling peace of mind.

Water filter companies think they sell filters and pumps (it’s really safety).

Graphic designers think their business is colors and images (it’s really sales).

Are exhibit designers in the building and design business? No, they’re in the sales business too – to attract more customers, visitors, and attention at trade shows. They’re selling, buzz, excitement, and pizazz.

Video producers sell engagement and attention (not words and pictures).

What business are you really in?