7 Little Things That Can Mess Up Your Web Site

bad spellingGetting a lot of  bounces?  Are people abandoning your contact forms?

Getting traffic is great, but it’s no good if people leave your site right away, or can’t find what they want.  If you’re having these problems, here are seven things that may be going wrong with  your website marketing (and tips for how to fix them).

1. Your email address is hidden.

Make it easy to contact you. Yes, you may get spam, but as Seth said today, “finding customers is harder than filtering spam.”

2. Your website contact form is broken.

The information field is too small and it asks too many questions. The more fields, the fewer people will fill out the form.

3. You’ve got typos and grammatical errors.

If your website looks like the sign in this post, it’s making you look dumb.   Find the typos and fix them. Get someone new (with good English skills) to check your site.

4. The links don’t work and there are broken images.

There are tools you can use to check this (especially helpful if you have a big site).  Here’s a free link checking tool.

5. The headlines are a snooze.

Award-Winning Videographer is great for you, but it doesn’t tell the customer how you can solve their problem.

6. It doesn’t address objections.

I saw a web site recently that offered a product without a guarantee and no return policy (if it didn’t work).  Explain what you’re offering (here’s the video about it), what it will do, and why it’s important to act quickly.

7. It’s hard to find anything.

Watch a new visitor use your web site. Is everything clear? Or are they struggling? If your site is hard to use, people won’t use it (they’ll just leave).

Photo: rick