Is Your Marketing Missing Its Target?

missed target

I got an odd email a few days ago. It was from a star copywriter (and a rare error). The subject line said, “Read this only if you are over 50.” Well, I’m not. Since it wasn’t relevant, I didn’t care what it was. So, I didn’t open it, didn’t read it, and it went straight to the trash.

During the baseball World Series, (YAY YANKEES!) the games were full of ads for light beer, car insurance, and er, male products.

The companies running these ads spent millions and millions of dollars on advertising.

All of it irrelevant to me. I don’t drink light beer (ick!), don’t own a car (I’m not nuts, I live in a big city, where cars are unnecessary), and I’m not an older man. They can spend all they like, I still won’t buy their products.

Big companies can afford to waste their money. Small businesses can’t. Find people who want what you’re offering and talk to them. Pick a niche. It’s a lot better than spraying and praying, hoping to hit something.

Image Jay Lopez