Learn These Trade Secrets

magazine standNearly every interest, business, industry, and activity has a newsletter or a magazine. These publications focus solely on people in particular industries. And most of them are free.

Here are 5 ways to use them:

1) Keep up with what’s going on in your industry, your customers’ problems (or the problems that businesses like them are having), and get information that will help you better serve your customers, or develop new products and services.

2) Many have online forums or email newsletters. Use the first to make useful (not promotional) comments. Answer questions and, where appropriate, point to an article or a resource on your Web site that will be helpful. This is also a good way to get traffic to your site. Once on that page, offer an e-book, or other “ethical bribe” to sign up for your newsletter.

3) As a promotional tool. Submit articles and get your name, and your business, in front of readers who are potential prospects. Just remember, write something that offers information and solutions, not a sales pitch. Check their editorial calendars (usually posted on their Web sites) and also look at the masthead to find the name of the editor. Writing articles in trade publications will raise your profile among your target audience, and establish you as a believable expert in your field.

4) Write letters to the editor (see yesterday’s post)

5) Advertise in their e-newsletters or in the magazine (if budget allows). Many also have event calendars, which you can use to publicize an upcoming conference or seminar.

To find a list of trade magazines, and subscribe, visit my Web site at KaplanCopy Trade Publication List

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