Never-Fail Tips for Writing Headlines in Advertising

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Why are headlines in advertising so important anyway? They’re the first thing the reader sees when he or she looks at your ad or your marketing letter. This is your big chance to get attention, so take advantage of it. How do you do that? Here are some never-fail headline writing tips.

Promise something big

How a Single Stamp Earned me $85,392.00.
Lose 30 Pounds in 20 Days

Use the word “new”, “introducing” or “announcing”

People like to know the latest news and information. It also works because many people want to be the first to know (or get) something.

“United Airlines Introduces Something Shockingly Amazing… Nothing”
(its e-ticketing system)
Announcing a Painless Way to Save for Retirement

Reveal the “best” or the “worst” examples of something

The World’s Worst Dieting Advice
The Best Celebrity Beach Bodies
7 Reasons Mac is Better than PC
(controversy is good too).

Promise secret information

Secrets of Warren Buffet’s Success
Hollywood Dieting Secrets Revealed

Use the words “how” or “how to”

How to Retire at Age 40
How Your Business Can Thrive in a Recession

Talk to a specific audience

Important Information for Medicare Recipients
Attention Cat Owners

Offer a solution

Cut Your Phone Bill by 38%
Start Blogging in 5 Minutes

Try one. See how much attention you get (and don’t forget to report back and share).

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