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Rate Information

So, you'd like to hire me. Great!

Here are a few things you should know before we start.

1. My fees are based on value, not time.

Time-based billing turns out to be a real pain all around. I have to keep watching the clock. Clients get nervous wondering if the estimate will match the final bill.

Besides, what you really want isn't a clock-watcher. You want more sales.

2. Yes, I need your budget and your goals

I ask because I want to make sure you're getting the best return for your money, and the right solution for your problem. Sometimes people think they want X when they really need Y.

Why the goals? So we can both tell how well we're meeting them.

3. I'm not cheap

There are plenty of writers who will work for low rates. Most of them are inexperienced, or speak English as a second language. Or, they're not really copywriters.

My clients want something better than that. Someone who will research their business, dive into what makes them better than the competition, and understand how to position them.

I have been doing this for over 25 years. I'm fast.  I understand deadlines and I know how to write persuasive copy that gets sales (which is really what you want, rather than a bunch of words).

Payment Details

I accept checks and PayPal (extra 5% added for transaction costs). I require a 50% deposit for most projects. The remainder is payable when the final version is delivered. All projects include two revisions (one is usually enough). Anything after that will be billed separately.

Standard rates assume a one to two week lead time. Rush projects (start within 48 hours), will incur a 50% additional rush fee.

Sound good? Wonderful!

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