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Copywriting That Boosts Your Revenue

Google "copywriting" or "small business marketing" and you'll get gazillions of results. People promising you can get rich quick, or schemes to make millions with adsense.

You'll also find copywriters promising to produce brochures for $5 or web sites for $10.

Many of these people have limited experience, poor English language skills, and no track record of results. If you hire them, you're likely to end up spending money for Web marketing, website copy, or email marketing without getting a return (or getting one that stinks).

Or, you'll find multinational advertising agencies that charge tens of thousands of dollars just to say hello, and are far beyond the reach of small businesses.

Cheap doesn't work. Too expensive doesn't help.

Make Sure Your Marketing Message Gets Through

Terms such as VPN, and secure offsite incremental backup may make perfect sense to you — but may not be clear to your prospects. If you're having trouble translating your business into benefits Kaplan Copy can help.

First, I'll work with you to review your existing brochures, Web site, and other marketing materials. Then, we'll identify your target audience, and create compelling copy that will increase your leads, improve sales conversion, and boost revenue. More on how this works.

A bunch of words, or a great design, or even a great product aren't enough.

What matters is how those words are used. Do they persuade? Do they convince people to act — to pull out their wallets, or enter their email addresses?

I don't stop at just words. I'll also include a review of your current marketing materials, help finding your niche, and guidance on where and how to find your audience.

You'll get copy that demonstrates how your products and services can solve their problems, and provides the information they need to take action.

Am I right for you? Learn more about me.

Fix Your Broken Marketing

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