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Is Your Marketing Broken?

I'm Jodi Kaplan and I fix "broken" marketing.

I'm a marketing expert with over 25 years' experience. I spent 14 years working for companies such as The Economist, Drake Beam Morin, and The Direct Marketing Association before starting my own business in 2003.

I've consulted for The Conference Board, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and small businesses across the world.

My clients are small and medium size companies who are great at generating ideas and doing their jobs — but need help turning their expertise, their skills, and their desires into dollars. I also partner with designers and web developers to help them improve their marketing and convert more visitors to sales. Find out more about how this works.

If you want a big, splashy ad campaign, I can't help you. After years running direct marketing campaigns I believe strongly in marketing you can measure (rather than throwing time and money at the wall to see what works).

I'd rather focus on little things that can make a big difference to small companies: developing a niche market, kick-starting a broken marketing campaign, and fixing ailing web sites.

Here's why you're not making enough money, and here's how you could make more.

Want more help? Send me an email. I'll send you a direct, personal response.

Fix Your Broken Marketing

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