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Is Your Marketing Generating More Problems Than Cash?

Are you spending time and money on marketing that just doesn't work? Wondering why your marketing strategy just doesn't seem to pay off?

You could spend hours sorting through information online.  Or trying to write the copy yourself. But, you're not in the copywriting business.

Your marketing won't work unless you get your message across. Whether it's a web site, email marketing campaign, or a complete marketing package, you need materials that clearly address your customers' and prospects' needs, demonstrate how your products and services can solve their problems, and provide the information they need to take action. Kaplan Copy works with you and your staff to review existing marketing materials, identify your target audience, illustrate product benefits, and create compelling copy that gets results.

There are plenty of gurus out there with fancy, expensive programs to improve your marketing.  They make it all sound so easy.  Buy a book.  Take a course. Buying a book is easy.  Knowing what will work for your business and your customers is harder.

Randomly throwing money, time, and resources at something is a waste of all three.

Is Your Marketing Broken?

Here are some common signs:

  • spending more money on marketing than you get back in sales
  • visitors come to your web site and leave without buying anything
  • your demo gets lots of downloads, but few responses or buyers
  • small businesses think you're too expensive, big companies are afraid hiring you is risky
  • you send emails, but hardly anyone opens them

Get it Fixed

A bunch of words, or a great design, or even a great product aren't enough.

What matters is how those words are used. Do they persuade? Do they convince people to act — to pull out their wallets, or enter their email addresses?

I don't stop at just words. I'll also include a review of your current marketing materials, help finding your niche, and guidance on where and how to find your audience.

Not Just B2B Marketing Strategy — the Right B2B Marketing Strategy

How I can improve your marketing:

  • fix "broken" landing pages that get traffic, but don't convert into sales or downloads
  • write strong, benefit-driven copy that generates leads and sales
  • show you why your emails don't get opened
  • eliminate the common mistakes that kill your conversions

Fix Your Broken Marketing

Landing page not converting? Are you getting traffic, but no sales? Or not enough sales? Are you sending marketing emails without getting results? Want help? Just click this link.


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