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Sample Projects

eServeWeb (software company)

Challenge: eServeWeb was a new startup selling software that tracks business courtesy (food and gift) expenses for the pharmaceutical industry. They needed a Web site fast to attract financing and launch the company.

Action: Worked with the CEO to pinpoint the company's target audience, identify their customers' problems, and demonstrate how eServeWeb software can solve those problems.

Results: A web site that showcased how the company's software could help pharmaceutical companies save time and ensure regulatory compliance. The restaurants got a fast, easy way to build their business, increase exposure, and take orders even when they weren't open.

Global Gateway Communications (software company)

Challenge: Global Gateway had been working on their new product brochure for months. The company's staff were experts on software, but not on marketing. The designer had worked on clothing, but not brochures. It was due to be presented to the company's CEO in 2 weeks, and the Executive Director was frustrated with the slow progress and the poor results. They needed a fresh start (and fast turnaround) in order to meet their deadline.

Action: Two weeks of intense consultation with the director and staff to identify the company's target audience, determine the benefits of using their software, and overhaul the brochure's design.

Results: The new brochure emphasized how the company's security software protected users from hackers, identity theft, and interception of audio/video transmissions. Design changes reduced clutter, made the brochure easier to read, and drew more attention to the product photos, headlines, and benefits. Plus, it was completed on time!

AVdrive (web video producer)

Challenge: Create web site content for start-up Web design firm with no established client base.

Action: Work with principals and subcontractors to identify the company's target audience, establish the business's credentials, and create a brand identity.

Results: Project completed in 5 weeks with rave reviews from the client, prospects, and new customers.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (web advertising and standards association)

Challenge: With 5 weeks to go before a major annual conference, IAB had only 850 registrations, out of a goal of 1,500.

Action: Created a marketing plan, negotiated list and ad placement barter arrangements, and wrote a series of targeted e-mails, banner ads, and newsletter ads.

Results: Registration increased by 285% to over 2,400.

Industrial Cleaning Products LLC (food processing and cleaning chemicals)

Challenge: ICP needed fast work on a brochure highlighting its products, a Web site, and posters for an industry trade show.

Action: Wrote copy for brochure and web site, contracted with a graphic designer, and trafficked materials between the client, the designer, and the printer.

Results: All materials produced and delivered in time for the show (in 6 weeks).

Direct Marketing Association (marketing trade association)

Challenge: Limited budgets and other factors were adversely affecting registration for DMA Councils' b-to-b events.

Action: Wrote new brochures, e-mails campaigns, and Web site copy. Created marketing plans, revamped production processes, and changed list selection.

Results: Production and postage costs reduced by up to 50%, attendance increased by up to 40%.