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Marketing For Technology Companies and Startups

Having Trouble With Your Marketing?

Have you been spending money on Web marketing, direct mail, and brochures without getting a return on your marketing (or getting a return that stinks)? Has the recession made it worse?

Are you wondering whether you're going to send good money after bad? Thinking of crawling into a hole and hiding until it's over?

Your Marketing May be Broken

Some signs of broken marketing:

  • Spending more money on marketing than you get back in sales.

  • People come to your Web site and leave without buying anything.

  • Your brochure or demo gets lots of downloads, but no responses or buyers.

  • Small businesses think you're too expensive, big companies think you're risky and lack credibility.

Want Free Help Fixing It?

Take a look around. Read a few articles. I recommend:

What My Clients Say

AVdrive first hired Ms. Kaplan to write copy for our web site...We were so pleased with her work, that we retained her to write our presentation/promotional materials. She demonstrated ability for innovative thinking and we can trust her to finish her projects in a timely manner and on budget.— Ricardo Smith-Hoffman, Principal, AVdrive, Inc.

Thank you for taking us where angels feared to tread. We'd never done any outside marketing before. Thanks for taking us into the 21st century! — Assistant Director, Executive Programs, international business research and conference organization

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