Why Most Small Business Websites Fail, and What You Can Do About It

Is your Web site failing to generate the results you want? Have you spent hours working on it, only to find that your bounce rates are high and your click rates are low?

Fresh eyes can be a great way to find and fix problems. Even if you're a professional, sometimes you look at things so long you can't see them anymore. I know of one person who said he was reciting his copy in his sleep!

Before you lose sleep over your site, send it to New York for a makeover.

You don't have to fight, or struggle, or wonder what you're doing wrong.

All you have to do is get a Web Site Critique. Learn what the problems are — and how to fix them.

Does Your Website Pass These Critical Tests?

  • attracts attention (rather than driving it away)
  • builds trust and offers proof of your skills and value
  • starts a conversation (rather than yelling at people with ugly yellow highlighting)
  • shows you can compete against the "big guys" and win
  • positions you as a trusted advisor, rather than a service provider

What's Included in Your Website Review:

Web Marketing Analysis

(delivered within 3 business days)
  • 5 reasons people visit your site (and leave)
  • the one minute marketing test - does your site pass?
  • 10 ways to make your site user friendly
  • how to "market to marketers" (without spending a fortune)
  • the right way to write your copy

Personal Marketing Consultation

Got questions? Get answers!

I'll spend an hour with you reviewing your critique and outlining the specific changes you need to make to:

  • stand out from your competition
  • raise the value of your work (and earn more)
  • increase sales and click-through rates
  • get higher fees (without a pushy sales pitch)
  • boost your site's selling power

Web Site Critique $297