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Small Business Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools and Tips

Get Better Conversions and More Business from Your Marketing Why your last campaign failed, how to choose the right mailing list, and common web site marketing mistakes.

Paint Contractor Marketing Guide
A client and I put this together to help promote his color software business. It's aimed at painters, but the same principles apply to any business. Feel free to share it, just don't alter it or charge for it.

PR and Email Marketing Tools

Instant Press Release Form
Create professional press releases in just a few minutes. Register and get a form you can use over and over again. It's formatted perfectly and emailed right to your email box.

Easy-to-use newsletter and email delivery software. Their site has lots of useful e-mail marketing articles, plus print and video tutorials. They even offer a free 30-day test drive. I like them so much, I'm an affiliate.

Website Review and Launch Tools

A free tool that lets you annotate others' web pages; great for reviews and markup

Web launch checklist
About to launch a new website? here's a form to make sure you haven't missed anything.

An easy way to test different versions of your sales or product pages to see which gets the most clicks or sales.

Free Business Magazines and Articles

Get smarter! Find out what's going on in your industry, without paying a cent. These magazines, downloads, and newsletters are free for qualified subscribers.

eWeek magazine CRM magazine Website magazine Target Marketing Magazine
eWeek magazine CRM magazine Website magazine Target Marketing magazine
Spend your enterprise dollars wisely. Get news and reviews on storage, data security, and suggestions for implementing the best e-commerce solutions. Find (and keep) profitable customers, generate loyalty and reduce business costs. Tips for optimizing your press releases, creating better podcasts, and mastering local online search. Improve your e-commerce strategies and get better results from your e-mail marketing.

More business magazines here

Try one. You'll get great insights for free (and help support my Netflix habit).

Free Advice for Small Businesses and Start-ups

CCH Business Toolkit
A comprehensive guide that will take you through every step of planning, starting, and running your new business. "Ask Alice!" columns offer advice on managing your accounting, insurance, marketing, taxes, and other critical business functions.

Small Office/Home Office
This site is geared specifically to small/home office business owners. It offers information on technology, marketing, choosing a legal structure (DBA/ LLC, etc.) as well as coupons and discounts.

Small Business Administration
Information on government regulations, financing options, loan requirements, and business plans.