Smart Email Marketing Course


Want to start email marketing?

Not sure where to start?

You may be new at this. Or, used to offline marketing, but not online. You’re well-trained and skilled at your profession, but not in email marketing.

It can be pretty frustrating. You wish there was an email marketing class you could take. Something that points out what’s going wrong. But without having to take hours out of your day, or travel to the other side of town.

Free Email Marketing Course

There’s an answer. It’s called “Smart Email Marketing.” It’s an absolutely free 10-part email marketing course. Delivered each week right to your inbox.

You’ll get tips on how to:

  • build your list without spamming
  • make an irresistible offer
  • create trust with your audience
  • stay out of the spam filter
  • obey the rules of the road (and avoid CAN-SPAM penalties)
  • avoid mistakes that can kill your conversion rates

You’ll be an email marketing genius in no time. And, it’s all free.

Just sign up here to get started.

Privacy Policy

We will never rent, swap, or sell your email to anyone. If you want to remove your name from our list, just click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the course.