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 Is Your Marketing Generating More Problems Than Cash?

Want to know how to improve it?

Are you spending time and money on marketing that just doesn’t work?  Struggling to translate “geek’ speak into English? Wondering why your marketing strategy isn’t getting the results you want?

There are lots of gurus out there with fancy, expensive programs to improve your marketing.  They make it all sound so easy.  Buy a book.  Take a course.

Buying a book is easy.  Knowing what will work for your business and your clients is harder.

NOT JUST a b2b SOFTWARE marketing strategy, THE RIGHT b2B SOFTWARE marketing strategy

Maybe you just started a new software business. Or, you’re a web developer who needs a partner who can write web copy.  You could spend hours sorting through information online.  Or trying to write the copy yourself.

Throwing money, time, and resources at something (spraying and praying) without a plan and a back-end review is a waste of everyone’s time and money.

How I can improve your marketing:

  • show you how to sell more to fewer people
  • position your company to eliminate your competition
  • fix “broken” landing pages that are getting traffic, but not converting into sales or downloads
  • write lead-generating copy for email newsletters, print collateral, sales sheets, ads, brochures, and postcards
  • write blog posts (continuing projects only, no one off posts)

For example, you can

  • Get a personal web site critique which gives you specific advice, strategies, and ideas designed to help you (and you alone).
  • Sign up for an email marketing review.  Find out how to build your list without buying one, get a higher open rate, and increase sales of your products and services.
  • Get a marketing quick start – how to find a niche, budget-friendly ways to market your business, and why marketing to everyone is a bad idea.
  • Transform your web site, landing page, or email messages with copy that gets you more sales

Need to know more? Find out how this works.

Sound good?   Contact me and we’ll talk.

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