Tuesday Travels: Google Hangouts on Air for Everyone

Drawing of a TV studio Camera

Drawing of a TV studio Camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Plus Hangouts just got even better.  They’re rolling out Hangouts on Air across the world.  Hangouts on Air let you record, save, and broadcast your hangouts.

You can hold seminars, teach a class, hold a concert, a webinar, host a user group meeting,

But, with great power comes great responsibility.  Here are a few new rules.

Next, some technical advice and tips (mikes, dry runs, reducing echo).

Here are detailed instructions on how to start a Hangout on Air, plus some marketing tips.

And, the official announcement from Google, plus a schedule of some upcoming Hangouts with Conan O’Brien, The Global Poverty Project, CNBC, and Cadbury.

How will you use your new powers?


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