Tuesday Travels: How to Figure Out Everything

An adding machine.

An adding machine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re like me, your math skills are less than stellar (weird, since my dad, several cousins, and grandpa were all in mathematical fields).

So, when it’s time to calculate something (like percentages, or the number of days between two dates), you need some help. Here are some of my favorite calculating tools.
Percentage calculator – Three different ways to calculate percentages: what is ____ % of _____, _____ is ____% of ____, and ____ is ___% of ???

Time and date converter – The internet has made us closer. It also means that events, meetings, and conference calls can be worldwide. Use this tool to make sure you don’t schedule something for the middle of your client’s night.

Time and date duration – Use this to figure out how many days there are between two dates.

Custom count – A countdown clock, so you can figure out how many days until that big project is due. Or, you could countdown to your vacation.

Pixels to inches converter – Calculate image sizes in inches from the pixel size, and vice versa.

If you’ve got your own favorite, add it in the comments.


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