Tuesday Travels: 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

365-051If you’re using WordPress for your blog, there are lots of plugins you can add. Plugins protect your blog from spammers, make it easier to share, and many other things. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Akisemt Stops nearly all comment spam in its tracks. Much easier than doing it manually, and less intrusive than a captcha form that requires you to fill in a bunch of random letters. The less friction, the better.

2.Google Analytics for wordpress – Integrates page tracking, clicks, and e-commerce.

3. No self-pings – If you link to another post on your site, wordpress will automatically ping you (saying you have a trackback). If you find that annoying (as I do), use this plugin to stop it.

4. Post post – Lets you add custom content before or after your posts (like a call to action).

5. WordPress database backup – Automatically backs up your database and emails it to you (you can set how often).

6. Yet another related posts plugin – Finds older posts on similar topics and adds them to the bottom of your new posts (more clicks and time on your site).

7. WordPress SEO – Helps you make your blog posts more SEO-friendly. Checks your keywords, offers suggestions, and lets you rewrite post titles to be more SEO-friendly.

8. Feedburner – Set up your RSS feed with this plugin.

9. XML site map generator – Another plugin to make your site more SEO friendly (generates a special sitemap)

10. Sexy Bookmarks Adds sharing icons (facebook, linkedin, twitter, email, and many more) to your posts to encourage, well sharing.

What are some of your favorite plugins? Which ones can’t you do without?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Travels: 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

  1. Jodi, do you use the WordPress SEO plug-in? I use All-in-One SEO, but I just have it at most of its defaults, and don’t try to customize (or truly understand) it. Are you familiar with All-in-One, and do you think the WordPress one is better?

    And when does baseball season start?

    • Yes, I use all the plug-ins I listed (plus a few more). I used to use All-in-One, but I find the Yoast SEO plugin that I listed to be better. It offers more options, gives suggestions for keywords, shows you the density (how many times you used the word(s) in your posts, and lots of other tools that All-in-One didn’t have.

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