Tuesday Travels: How to Make Great Infographics

Infographic: RoboSigning and the Housing Recovery

Image by truliavisuals via Flickr

Infographics are the latest thing in presentations and information sharing – one page packed with information, in an easy to read format.

They used to be limited to Venn diagrams, charts, and tag clouds.  Now, they’ve morphed into something that’s more graphical, displays several sets of data, and just plain looks better. But how do you make infographics? And what tools do you use to do it?

Below are links to infographic tutorials, how to make them, what can go wrong, and some tools for creating them.

5 Types of Infographics – 5 different ways to display your data.

Infographic Cliches – Uh oh, cliches! Don’t make these common infographic mistakes.

Sample Infographics – These are aimed at web developers, some useful, some just funny.

Many Eyes – Create infographics with public data (such as video game sales in their first week of release), or upload your own.

Google Public Data Explorer – Uses publicly available information, such as census reports, or broadband access in America, etc, to create 20 different kinds of charts, graphs, and word clouds.

Visual.ly Create great infographics, without any special, expensive software. Looks like it’s still in development, but bookmark it for later use.


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