Tuesday Travels: What’s That Font?

Lead Type (melting in the oven of your mind)

Image by jm3 via Flickr

Ever find a font you really like, but didn’t know what it was? Or want to match a letterhead, or ad? Font finders can help you find what you’re looking for.

Font Fonter. Enter a website address, and this tool will tell you what fonts they’re using.  Correction.  It doesn’t tell you the font.  It lets you replace the existing font with a different one, so you can see what it would look like.

Linotype Font Finder. Linotype was using type when it was actual type (anyone remember Linotype machines?). Search their database, or ask them directly.

What The Font. Find the closest match to your font (or ask their forum font geeks).

Identifont. Answer a few questions, the software will find your font.

Free Fonts The best thing after finding your font? Free fonts! Fuel your creativity has a long list of places to find them.


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