Tuesday Travels: The Inside Scoop on Google Plus


Google Plus is

Sign of Go...ogle!

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all the rage the last few weeks. And, of course, the limited invites make it even more desirable.

I’m in (thanks to a triiibes friiiend), and I must say I really like it so far.

Much more intuitive than Facebook (think of Facebook as Windows and Google Plus as Mac, if you like).

All my life’s a circle

You manage your contacts  with circles.  And, you can control who sees what.  You can share with everyone, or you can select people by circles. So, your marketing circle doesn’t have  to read your RV travel tips.

And, your book reading friends aren’t bored by your baseball addiction. More like real life (unlike Facebook, which indiscriminately broadcasts everything to everyone).

When you “circle” someone, you follow what they post.  When someone “circles” you, they’re following your posts.  It’s easy to add pictures, and you get unlimited Picasa storage too.

Tutorials, Tips, and Cheat Sheets:

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Are you in Google Plus?  Is it easier than Facebook?  A latecoming wannabe?  A sign Google is taking over the world? What do you think?


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