A Simple Headline Writing Tip That Gets More Readers

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Want to hear a hot headline writing tip? This headline secret has been used since the days of Claude Hopkins to get readers to stop and take notice.

It’s really easy too. And, it doesn’t involve using words either.

Instead of words, you focus on numbers. I know, they’re annoying, but they do get people to stop and look.

Try these headlines on for size:

“8 Habits of Highly Effective Copywriters”

“How to Write a Blog Post in 15 Minutes”

“Increase Your Blog Subscription Rate by 153%”

“103 Ways to Get Top Bloggers to Link to You” or even,

15 Marketing Terms You Need to Know

What do these headlines all have in common? They have numbers in them.

Why numbers work

Numbers work because they force us to focus – and because they give us a finite, concrete sounding example of something; only 15 minutes to write a great post, or 103 ways to get noticed by blogging superstars.  The more specific the number, the better.  For example, if you increased your subscription rate by 153%, don’t round it down to 150%, the “odd’ number looks more realistic.

Lists and checklists

Lists (ultimate guide to facebook, 101 copywriting secrets) promise lots of information, in an easy-to-digest and follow format.  Just go through the list and you’ve accomplished something big.  You’re now a better writer, a twitter guru, or irresistible to reporters.
And, who can resist something that will make you irresistible?

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