Tuesday Travels: 8 Surprising Ways to Use Google

How do you like your eggs? Surprised!

Image by Tim . Simpson via Flickr

We all know that Google is the number one search engine (sorry Bing). But did you know that Google has lots of other tools besides search and gmail? Some of these are brand new releases, others are still in percolating in Google labs.

Google insights: Type in your keywords and check trends – Is Lady Gaga up or down? Has there been a run on Totes umbrellas lately? Look by time period or location (good for checking seasonal trends and finding out where your customers are likely to be). Also, click on the box and you can do the same for images (images can bring traffic too!).

Google images: A great repository of images on the Web. These are NOT necessarily free to use. You can, however, do an advanced image search and use that to look for images that are licensed for re-use.

Google voice: Sick of checking four different numbers to get your messages? Google will give you a single number that calls you wherever you are.

Video search : Find videos by title, duration, or domain.

Photo editing: A handy online tool for fixing your photos (crop, resize, get rid of red eye, and correct exposure). Basic tools are free.

Page speed: Analyzes your site and tells you how to make it faster (hint: faster sites do better in Google rankings).

Google Earth Flight Simulator: After you’ve done all that work, relax by flying around the world with the Google Earth flight simulator. Click the link for instructions.


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