How to Use the Internet to Defy Time and Space

mugThis post was going to be a bit of a rant.  Yesterday, I got a small package.  I didn’t look at it too closely and thought it was Canon’s broken customer service returning my camera. I couldn’t understand why they’d go to the trouble, not to mention spend $7.50 in postage, to send it back to me.  No wonder it cost nearly as much to repair as to buy a new one! They’re crazy!

They’re not crazy

In the middle of the night, I realized the box was much too heavy to be a point-and-shoot camera.  So, since I couldn’t sleep, I opened it. Inside was this mug (on the right), a lovely note, and two teabags.  Sent from my wonderful friend Jule, who I’ve never met.  I’d seen the mugs on her blog yesterday and asked for one – little did I know that I already had one! She mailed it two days before!

Touch people through the internet

I read the note, drank my tea from the mug this morning, and felt really happy and touched that she’d reached out to me like that.  The funny thing is, I’d asked the brilliant minds on triiibes earlier for ideas on ways to connect with people who buy ebooks or services from me online.  I may never meet them, but I wanted to send something.  I got some great feedback too.

How do you reach out?

What do you do to connect with your blog readers or clients or others you may know online but never meet face-to-face? Or do you?  Do you think this is important?

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