Keyword URLs: Good for Search or Waste of Time?

SEO posts recommend choosing a domain name that’s full of relevant keywords.

They say it’s better for search, and Google will love you!

But is that really true? Google has a name that nobody would pick as a keyword – they’d have picked “” So do Amazon and Squidoo.

In fact, one of the lensmasters (that’s what Squidoo calls its web pages), tried an experiment. He set up a page with a completely random, nonsense URL:

Then he started promoting it. A few days alter, it was on the front page of Google for ‘funny animal photos videos.’ In fact, it was way ahead of sites that had real keywords in their names.

Here’s a screenshot I just took (click on the picture to see a larger image).

google search screenshot funny animals

So, do URLs really matter? What do you think?